Customer charter

23Customer Care >>> Our values
We live our belief every day:
New homes are the foundation for great dreams. WE STAND to respect, listen and fulfill those dreams. We live up to our values in every interaction with you:

For each other and for our customer. Listen more talk less. Treat each other with courtesy. Most of all, for our customers, respect their dreams, their needs and their challenges. Appreciate the fragile nature of their big dreams. Fight against compromise.

Be you. Feel comfort in being honest and true to yourself. Be authentic. Say it as it needs to be said – to each other and to our customer. At its simplest, ‘real’ is about being natural, and down to earth. It means plain speaking and direct honesty with customers

Have a heroic view of how great this company can be and how great you can be within it. Live the belief with passion, putting conviction and commitment into all we do. This is more than going to work. This is about a shared belief in the notion that what we do matters. So care
enough to commit.

This is more than ‘teamwork’, it’s about forming a tribe where the power of one united effort is unstoppable.

It is a passion for where you belong and who you work alongside. It is about backing each other, having a common cause and sticking to the game plan. Jump in when the11 side is down. Celebrate the wins together. Stick together. Don’t give up. To demonstrate that we will live by our belief and values, we will:

1- Ensure that you have a detailed quote with a 30 day validity period so you don’t feel any pressure to purchase before you are ready.
2-Guarantee you a date of site start.
3-Guarantee you the date that your house will be completed.
4-Provide you with clear information about every step in the process of building a new house.
5-Provide a fixed price contract so you know exactly what your new house will cost to construct.
6-Provide complete and clear pricing and inclusions documentation.
7-Clearly explain our variations policy.

8-Build you a quality house, with the reassurance that if there is a problem where we are at
fault we will fix it.
9-Offer to meet you on site to conduct joint inspections.
10-Provide a inspection three months after settlement.

11-Provide, at a minimum, weekly updates and progress during your build.
12-Provide effectively and timely responses to any issues or disputes.
13-Return your phone call within the same day wherever possible.

World of Style
The World of Style experience isn’t about sitting in a static showroom making selections from photos or deciding between a handful of samples. World of Style is designed to engage your senses, excite you with the possibilities and give you real-time quotes and plenty of explore. This is your opportunity to surround yourself in interior design – where you can touch it, feel it, see it and live it. Assisted by a team of passionate and qualified interior designers, World of Style will realize your vision and color the dream for your new Pinnacle’s home.

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