House & Land


Starting out on your journey to own and live in your own home or own your first investment property? A house and land package is the easiest way to go.
A house and land package brings together a plot and a house of your choice that fits in your need. And with a fixed price, you can have the confidence that you can search within your budget and not spend more than you can afford.

What you need to know

If you don’t have plot then a Pinnacle Construction’s House & Land package might just be best option for you. Pinnacle Construction have complete list of Plots which are available for you and fulfill your needs. Please talk to our office for list of available plots. You can choose your new house with the comfort that it is a Pinnacle Construction’s house so there is no compromise on quality or finishes.

Getting started

Knowing what is ahead makes it easier to take that brave, bold step and build a new house. We have simplified the process of buying a House & Land package into 3 easy steps, so you can get on with living the dream life you had in mind.

1. Choose where to live

Where you live is as important as which house you build. Fortunately Pinnacle Construction builds in every quality society across the Lahore.

2. Select your House & Land package

Once you have selected and purchased plot then take the worry out of your decision making. Our packages are 100% fixed price and offer a complete turn key solution for house construction

New complete house shifting to DHA3.Move on in

And now for the most exciting bit of all! This is where your big bold dreams really come to life and you make your new house into your home. It is yours to live in and enjoy.

That’s one, two, three, so easy to make your dream a reality.

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