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Pinnacle is one of the best house construction companies in Lahore. We guarantee high quality at lowest per square foot construction cost in Lahore. Years of building experience, combined with the highest quality standards kept us top house builder in Lahore. Pinnacle offer best material specifications and lowest per sq. ft. construction cost. Pinnacle’s honesty, trust and reliability makes Pinnacle as top home builder in Pakistan. Now Enjoy Free Architectural Designing by our foreign qualified Architects.

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1- Terrace Area/Outside covered area would be charged separately depending on your floor choice.

2- Boundary wall and Main Gate would be charged separately depending on your choice.

3- Cost of Land Importation/Filling will be decided on site depending upon depth of Plot.

4- Above rates are valid for simple Elevation. Stone or tile Cladding will be charge separately.

House Construction Cost Description

access@4485/-(per square feet)

access in carefully designed and most popular series which offered only by Pinnacle Construction in Lahore. Access has achieved optimal fit between cost and value. Pinnacle is offering fully finished ready to live house in a cost where others are offering only grey structure house. By choosing access homes you can have it all – style, elegance, functionality and low-maintenance home construction in all housing societies of Lahore by Pinnacle a best house builder in Lahore. Don’t be astonished as  access in available in the cost of grey structure but fully finished access has top quality finishing materials like Philips switch buttons, GM Cable, Schneider circuit breakers, Diamond plastic emulsion paints & Diamond weather shield, Porta Sanitary and fixtures, All these top-quality materials are coupled with Pinnacle’s workmanship. aacess has a special construction price which only can be achieved by economies of scales, minimizing pilferages and eliminating material thefts. It is very hard for individual plot owner to achieve this price by building a single house. access is first choice for home owners who have strictly fixed budget. Access is popular in all housing societies including DHA, astonishingly in DHA Lahore about our 30% houses are built under access series because access is low cost housing series but stylish in every aspect. These are exceptionally practical houses, targeting affordable price points for a huge range of customers, and especially to ensure that home owners on a budget and a real opportunity to enjoy the benefits of home ownership. You can build a superb stand-alone fresh airy home at lowest per square foot cost in Lahore.  As a Lahore’s best house builder, we are always at the forefront of innovative and practical architecture. We are best at house construction market through our customized house architectural design range is a natural evolution of many years of success in helping people to truly, ‘love where they live’. access homes are a big attraction for families who wants to build a comfortable, stylish and low-maintenance house. Building with Lahore’s top Home Builder, you will enjoy service and experience you can trust and rest assured your brand-new dream home is built to the highest standards in quality and architecturally designed to stand the test of time. When you move into your brand-new home you will know that you have built with the very best. Act now, it’s time to make your dream house into a reality. We can show you how you could shift in your new house and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

life style@5075/-(per square feet)

Each of our Life Style homes deliver an exceptional combination of quality, value and eye-catching style. Building a house in this range is affordable as well have modern contemporary architecture which make best house construction in Pakistan more affordable. The great advantage of these beautiful and innovative homes is that they have been specially designed to suit smart, affordable living, wherever they may be. These houses are perfect for your wishes to create an attractive house whilst also addressing affordability with medium-density homes. Pinnacle has made new home construction much easier and more affordable at lowest per square feet cost.  Basically, just less hassle in every step of construction.  A smooth construction plan to make it easier for all Lahore to realise their dream of building their own home. A home to love and cherish for years. We make your own home construction very easy. With the help of a specially trained home architects, choose from our stylish and innovative range of homes architecture designs to maximise value and livability, that offer your family the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about living. We’ve even made choosing the colour scheme and interior theme very easy. Pinnacle is Lahore’s Number 1 Home Builder and we have been Lahore’s most professional home builder for years. We build thousands of homes during company’s life span, each one personalised to the needs of the home owner. That substantial operation works to your advantage—you get to enjoy the substantial savings we can create with leading building products suppliers of fixtures, finishes and fittings. You can take advantage of our strength in the market to secure a superb home that will stand the test of time, look beautiful inside and out, and created to the highest possible standards. With Pinnacle, you will always enjoy clear, plain communications, no surprise pricing and great value for money. That’s all a given. But we also offer you true peace of mind. At key stages in your build your home will be thoroughly checked to ensure that it is being constructed to the superior build quality that you demand.

prestige@5900/-(per square feet)

Our Prestige homes really are like no other. These have architectural Design to please those that demand the very best, they already include many of the design features and top luxury homes finishes you expect as standard. According to its material specification this package offers lowest per square foot construction cost in Lahore. Prestige by Pinnacle are ultra-stylish, clever and innovative homes with all the features and quality you’d expect from a Pinnacle’s home. As a top house builder in Lahore with years of experience of building quality houses for Lahore, we have built a reputation based on our innovative house architecture, interior design expertise, customer focus and professionalism. We’re in the business of making dreams come true. Architecturally Designed for the modern luxury, our houses are most popular which showcase the best in architecture and liveability. Be surprised and delighted by the luxurious touches and thoughtful features woven into every home by our expert team of architects. Our homes are designed so you can get more out of life and truly love where you live. Come and find out why we proudly say, “Affordable Luxury House”. Our Prestige customers can personalise their homes by our foreign qualified Architects. There are thousands of fixtures and fittings for a wide selection from real time showrooms, to accommodate everyone’s personal tastes. You will select fixtures from showroom with our architects to finalize your house’s dream finish. This is where we turn your dreams into reality. For those who seek the ultimate personalisation experience, we allow you to select from industry leading selection centre provides you with every choice you could imagine to make your home the one you have always dreamed of owning. We’re proud to have been building stylish yet luxurious affordable homes for Lahore for years. That’s a wealth of accumulated experience going into creating your perfect home, making the whole process a pleasure from start to finish. Throughout your construction journey you will be able to visit your house and inspect the quality of material. We will give you best architectural options to build perfect house for your precious plot and for your prestigious impression for now and in the future.

signature@7085/-(per square feet)

Signature series are extraordinary homes of unparalleled architectural detailing with magnificent workmanship throughout every room. While having luxury at every turn of the corner, these houses have plenty of Royal Elegance by Pinnacle best house builder in Lahore. We understand and respect the brilliance of good architecture. We are construction company that never to rest just on our laurels, we believe in the power of innovation and staying on the cutting edge. Our architects have been designing beautiful family homes to create a sense of light and space that delivers life-enhancing benefits to our customers for many years. Building a new home is not a decision taken lightly; it is a statement of your commitment and desire to reflect your personal style into where you will spend quality time with your family for years to come. That is why respect is at the heart of all that we do, from laying the first brick to proudly handing over the keys of brand-new dream house. Our commitment to you is persistent. Inspired by your own unique sense of taste and imagining. A home is so much more than four walls and a roof. It is a statement about who you are and what you believe. Delivering your own sense of style. Designed by best architects of Lahore & build by expert civil engineers of Pinnacle, your new home will change your life and triumphantly. Our Home architecture & construction to support your luxury lifestyle. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. Just think gorgeous house design with heaps of wow factor, with a clever use of space and storage to support a desirable smart lifestyle. Our both Contemporary and Spanish home designs are surprisingly spacious despite their compact footprint forced by DHA by laws – come along and see for yourself how smart architecture releases more livable space via modern open-plan living. Flexible floor plans to suit your lifestyle and budget are available space. Needless to say, whichever architectural plan you choose you will enjoy premium fixtures and fittings as with all Pinnacle homes, complementing spaces that are flooded with natural light and airy architecture, while generous bedrooms and luxurious master suites will ensure that you enjoy resort-style living of the finest standard. A variety of striking facade options both ensure you are compliant with DHA/LDA guidelines and make a bold statement on the street.

jewel@9500/-(per square feet)

Jewel homes is like gathering pearls in every finish to make your new home distinctly yours. Superior distinctive architecture for those looking for self actualization features that they can tailor to reflect their own unique style. And again all this offered by Pinnacle construction, best construction company in Lahore. THE HOME… So much more than bricks and mortar. More than an address people refer to. Even more than a hub of family life. We believe a new home is the foundation to the picture of how life should be. It promises the future and frames the past. To us, the idea of a home goes way beyond construction, or service, or architecture or style. It’s the very cornerstone of life’s hopes and aspirations. We believe your home is the ultimate way to express yourself. Your style is not merely measured by the colour of the walls or new tile design. It’s an expression of what’s important to you and may be conveyed in many varied ways such as your background, family, culture or the places you have seen and captured in photos or treasures you have collected in your experiences. Jewel series by Pinnacle Construction are for those people who brave enough to create their dreams around a new home. We appreciate the fragility of such visions and we exist to protect and nurture those dreams. At the end of the day, building a house with Pinnacle construction is quite simple. We understand that finding the right style and the right house design can be time consuming and a little daunting. So, to help you shortlist World of Style of interior themes and house architectural plans that best match your anticipation and personality we dedicate an architect for you.

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