New Houses


Creating your dream

Do you have a plot and a bold dream to build a new house?

Building a new house is part of the great Pakistani dream. It’s about creating your dream from the ground up, choosing a floor-plan that exactly suits your family and lifestyle, and finally choosing the colors and finishes that make your new house yours.

Getting started

As you get started on your journey to building a new house, here’s a few things to consider:Beautiful House Interior Design-1920X1080

1. Budget – How much can you afford to spend on a new house? How much are you comfortable spending on a new house? Do you have your finance sorted?

2. Land – How deep and wide is your Plot? Will the house you like fit on your land? What would be the best house orientation on your land?

3. House – What do you need and want in your new house? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, car spaces do you need? What will you need in five or ten years from now?

4. Style – How do you want your house to look and feel? Have you explored our World of Style options by talking to our Interior Designers?

The process

Be inspired

One of the best bits about building a new house is exploring the dream life you had in mind and seeing it start to take form. Visit our office to shortlist house details, options, Elevations and styles that inspire you. Feel free to ask us for a Architect to discover the inside story on design, style and function of your future house.

Make your decision

Where possible, We will visit your plot and discuss the possibilities. After a detailed discussion on exactly what you want in your new house we will provide you with a quote that is valid for 30 days. When you are ready, it is time to make your decision and pay your deposit.

13Choose your style & finishes

Now it is up to you to make your new house to fit your personality! Our designers will provide you options, you will be able to personalize your home knowing that the best interior designers are behind your choices. Our Architects/Interior Designers will help you make choices in line with your budget and style preferences. And our specialist Electrical Consultant will give you expert advice on electrical, lighting, audio visual and security systems.

Contract signing

By contract signing stage you will have done all the ‘hard work’ and your contract is the formalization of all your decisions so far. You will receive the working drawings for your new house. Giving Pinnacle Construction the go ahead.

Site start & build

It is now time for your house to be built! Behind the scenes all the necessary materials will be ordered to meet your guaranteed site start date. During the constructions your independent building inspections are welcomed.

Move on in

And now for the most exciting bit of all! This is where your big bold dreams really come to life and you make your new house into your home. It is yours to live in and enjoy.

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