Tips for House Paint

Before you start painting work

Fix scaffolding properly

Planks, bamboos and ‘Ballies’ don’t rest on or touch the surface to be painted. Proper stage scaffolding is erected for painting of ceiling. Double scaffolding is provided for exposed surface.

Fill surface voids, pores and cracks

All masonry or plaster surface voids, pores and cracks, nail holes are filled with filler before starting paint work.

Clean painting surface and room

The surface is thoroughly cleaned off mortar droppings, dust, grease and other foreign matters. Old work, all loose material and scales are removed by sand papering. The room is thoroughly clean/broom and the whole building is cleaned at least one day before painting.


Dry up priming coat for 48 hours

The priming coat applied already should be dried out for at least 48 hours before starting painting.

Fix electrical, water supply, sanitary pipes and door and window frames

All electrical fittings, water supply, sanitary pipes and door and window frames are fixed in required position and if found any short coming, it should be corrected and repaired before starting painting.

Employ skilled painter

The painter employed for painting is skilled enough to do the job well.

Allow newly plastered surface to mature for six months

Newly plastered surface should be allowed to mature for a period of at least six months prior to painting work. If you want to start painting before six months, a coat of alkali resistant priming paint should be done.

Fix ladders properly

Ladders used for painting work are tied with pieces of clothes on the top end of vertical members to avoid damage or scratches on painting surface.

During painting of surface/wall

Do painting in right weather condition

Paint work must not be done in adverse weather condition like hail storm and dust storm especially for exposed work. The paint work is not done in cold weather i.e. room temperature is not below 5 degree Celsius.

Stir paint well to maintain uniformity

The paint is stirred well in its original containers with the help of a solid wooden or iron stick during application of paint to maintain uniform consistency.

Do subsequent coats after 24 hours

Subsequent painting coat should be done at least 24 hours after the first is dried well.

Paint edges, corners, all doors and window accessories well

All edges, corners, top and bottom, bolts, nuts, sides, rebate, cleats, stops, bidding and sash putty with glass pan are painted well. There is no damage to furniture and fixtures during paint job.  At the time of spray painting, cover doors, windows, bushes etc.

Utilize proper brushes

The brush should be of 15 cm long, double bristles for wall paint. After each day’s work brushes are washed in hot water thoroughly with soap solution or with thinner and hung down to dry. Clean containers in hot water with soap solution also.

Wear protective glasses and be safe  

While painting over head, wear protective glasses to avoid the fall of paint in your eyes.

Presentation of a series of cans of paint of various colors

Avoid alcohol and smoking

The painter should not drink alcohol during painting work as toxic fumes from paint are dangerous for his health. While painting, do not smoke to avoid fire near painting area.

Keep children away from painting area

Don’t allow children to enter painting area as some paints contain harmful toxic elements. They should be not allowed to spoil painting work, if so wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

Park your vehicle away from painting area to protect it from the fumes of paint.     

Check after painting is over

No brush mark is left on surface

Any brush mark is not left on the surface after the paint is dry. To avoid splashes of paint on wall the paint should be done on ceiling prior to walls.

Clean paint drops thoroughly

Paint drops on floor, electric fittings, door and window fitting and glass panes are thoroughly cleaned with good quality paint remover. After cleaning paint drops there are no scratches on glass panes and fittings etc.


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